Shellvio's Sustainability Journey

Shellvio loves the planet as much as you do!

We understand the importance of taking care of the planet. In 2021, we began to plan how to make our brand more sustainable. One of our goals was to reduce plastic. Eliminating plastic wherever possible is an important first step in caring for the earth. We didn’t only find ways to create better packaging, but we were able to replace conventional plastic packaging with attractive alternatives that we think that you are going to love!

Biodegradable Product Packaging

Our vision was something sustainable and attractive. We took the steps to make our packaging 100% biodegradable. Instead of plastic, we are now using packaging that is made of corn starch.

Eco-Friendly Delivery Packaging

We didn’t stop at product packaging. We wanted our delivery packaging to be made of the same eco-friendly cornstarch packaging that our product packaging is made from. Sustainable Shopping Bags. Our shopping bags are also environmentally friendly! We now have bags that are made of straw. We love how these bags look great and are sustainable!

Our commitment to reducing paper waste. 

We are also working hard to reduce paper waste! We now send out receipts by e-mail to reduce the amount of paper that is used. In addition to cutting down on trash, this will help save some trees.

As you can see, we have taken some steps to make our business practices more
sustainable. We are always looking for ways to lessen our carbon footprint and make the planet a cleaner place. When it comes to taking care of the earth, our love for the planet is a part of our mission.